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Vines & Trees

A vibrant, beautiful tree benefits everyone in this and future generations and can be the centerpiece of any landscape design. Planting a tree is an act of direct benefit to all. It can inspire many positive emotions and provide a lifetime of visual enjoyment.

Take a look up. Climbing vines are something you can grow besides trees and shrubs that will add height, texture and color to your garden. Climbers, particularly flowering climbers, are a great addition to your flower garden if you have a fence, trellis or similar type of support for them to clamber over. Vines will add appeal to bear areas of your landscape and can grow and spread quickly.

The Primrose Jasmine is a tall, slender stemmed evergreen shrub. It has dark green leaves and a square stem. The flowers are lemon-yellow and unscented these are normally seen in the winter and spring. Sometimes Primrose Jasmine acts like a climber with it wild branches and it can grow up to 10 feet tall when planted near a support. Jasminum mesnyi can grow in shade but looks best in a sunny location with a well drained soil. Looks best when given adequate space, as it can get 2-3 times as wide as it is tall.

Come see our selection of Trees & Vines including....


Bald Cypress
'Bradford' Ornamental Pear
Bur Oak
Cedar Elm
Chinese Pistache
Chinquapin Oak
Compact Cherry Laurel
Dawn Redwood
Desert Willow
Eastern Redbud
Golden Raintree
Loblolly Pine
Magnolia grandiflora
Mexican Plum
Mexican Sycamore
Nutall Oak
'Pink Dawn' Chitalpa
Puple Leaf Plum
Purple Orchid Tree
Purple Robe Locust
River Birch
Rough-Leaf Dogwood
Shumard Oak
Slash Pine
Tulip Poplar
Water Oak
Vines & Groundcover

Asian Jasmine
Carolina Jessamine
Chinese Wisteria
Coral Honeysuckle
Creeping Daisy
Evergreen Wisteria
Fig Ivy
Green Ardisia
Gulf Muhly
Hardy Passion Flower
Pink Honeysuckle
Pink Trumpet Vine
Rangoon Creeper
Red Passion Flower
'Tangerine Beauty' Cross Vine

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