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Synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides were once the standard among professional landscapers and individuals who mistakenly believed they were the best and perhaps only effective means of pest control and lawn enrichment.

Today, we understand that there are serious health and safety issues associated with the use of toxic chemicals in lawn and grounds maintenance. These toxins create pollution as well as posing the risk of poisoning to wildlife, pets, children, and the adult who come in contact with chemicals spread on the ground.

Organics is the natural and intelligent alternative to chemical treatment. Proper organic landscape maintenance and gardening provide both so many benefits. Besides being good for the environment on the whole, natural fertilizers are the safe and effective way to nourish your plant life, control pests, and provide a healthy place for your children to play.

Landscape Source carries a complete line of organic products including fertilizers and pest control options. Do-it-yourselfers can visit our shop and purchase organic products as well as lawn and garden maintenance tools.

To better understand the differences between organic and chemical landscape maintenance and gardening, we need only make a side-by-side comparison of the two methods:  

  • Mow low and often.
  • Catch grass clippings.
  • High analysis fertilizers 4-5 times per year.
  • High nitrogen fertilizers.
  • Synthetic fertilizer -- no organic matter, fillers.
  • Fertilizer based on plant needs.
  • Fertilizers have few or no trace minerals.
  • Attempt to control nature.
  • Treat symptoms (insects, diseases).
  • Use chemical pesticides at first sign of pests.
  • Poisons used on a calendar basis as preventatives.
  • Discourage the use of beneficial insects.
  • Use only university-tested products.
  • Mow higher and less often.
  • Leave clippings on the ground.
  • Low analysis fertilizer 2-3 times per year.
  • Low nitrogen fertilizers.
  • 100% organic fertilizer -- no fillers.
  • Fertilizer based on soil needs.
  • Fertilizers loaded with trace minerals.
  • Attempt to work within nature's system.
  • Treat soil and cultural problems.
  • Use natural pesticides, but only as last resort.
  • Prevention through soil improvement and foliar fertilizers.
  • Use beneficial insects as a major tool.
  • Use food products, teas, and homemade mixtures where appropriate.

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